Kids Activities

Have fun learning with your family, friends, students and others.

  1. Printable Project (K-3) A graphical representation of the water cycle and its many stages.

    1. Printable Word scrambler (4-8) a fun game to print and complete where you have to unscramble one word in a sentence.

    2. Printable Question and answer game (9-12) a card game that you can print and cut apart the individual cards. The game is played by one team reading the Answer from the card and the other team has to guess the correct Question that relates to the Answer.

      Resources found here along with more games and Information please visit:

  2.  Conserve water online games:
    1. Play the printable “You save water” game.

    2. Eco Kids online: Play the online “Water conservation around the house “game:

    3. Mission H20:  Play online against your friends and see who can get the highest score

  3. Kid friendly water saving games and social media: Interesting facts and social media for kids.

  4. Printable activity book: A lot of information and activities from games to coloring pages to help teach kids about water conservation

  5. Printable water conservation coloring book: Conservation ken

  6. Be a water wise detective: Do a walk through in your house and find out how much water is being used by printing out your own activity sheet

  7. Printable Spanish comic book: Grace kids water conservation in Spanish

Living Water Wise

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