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  1. Printable Project (K-3) A graphical representation of the water cycle and its many stages.

  2. Printable Word scrambler (4-8) a fun game to print and complete where you have to unscramble one word in a sentence.

  3. Printable Question and answer game (9-12) a card game that you can print and cut apart the individual cards. The game is played by one team reading the Answer from the card and the other team has to guess the correct Question that relates to the Answer.

  4. Resources found here along with more games and Information please visit.

  5.  For the classroom a Story book about water for teachers: This story book shows lessons about water for classrooms.

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  6. 5 tips for teaching toddlers water conservation: Get them started young by these tips for toddlers.

  7. Let’s learn about water: Thirsty for knowledge.

  8.  Kids campaign: Take the water pledge.

  9. Printable water chart: Printable chart to help kids keep track of their water usage.

  10.  Take the water conservation challenge: As a class project take the Water conservation challenge.

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