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Edible Magazine Sacramento: Working Together as Californians to Save Our Water

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Save Our Water is featured in the latest issue of Edible Sacramento (summer 2014) focusing on water conservation and drought awareness.

By now, every Californian is well aware of the dry winter and spring seasons we’ve experienced; from Eureka to San Diego, Lake Tahoe to San Francisco, and of course right here in the Sacramento Valley. The article discusses the importance of understanding it will take all of us working together to get through the hot summer ahead by using simple ways to reduce the amount of water used at home, both inside and outside, along with a helpful list of easy water conservation tips. Each individual action towards reduced water use can make all the difference – as Californians, we’re all in this together. 

Read the Edible Sacramento magazine article here: Working Together as Californians to Save Our Water (page 17). 

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